Facilities Management


Citadel’s Facilities Management services are tailored to assist you in the quality operation, management and maintenance that your NYC facility requires in order to be successful.

Our Facilities Management program will assure that your facility is running smoothly, efficiently and at peak performance while paying careful attention to the needs and goals of the operator. Citadel Property Management is firmly rooted in the belief that communication is key and full transparency is essential in creating long term successful relationships of trust. It is because of this that Citadel treats every client relationship as a partnership and provides full transparency with regard to all reporting items.

Property Types

  • Office Building / Parks
  • Commercial / Strip Malls
  • Warehouse
  • Educational Facilities
  • Medical Facilities


  • Supervision and oversight of all on-site staff and on-site Facility Managers
  • Administration and Implementation of the Management Plan
  • Oversight of the operating and capital budgets
  • Provide back offer support to site personel
  • Review submitting and Proposals for Approvals
  • Procure Bids and Solicitations for Projexts
  • Vetting of all Bids, Proposals and personal
  • Staffing and Hiring and Screening
  • Maintenance, Supplies and Inventory Control
  • Maintain all Administrative Records
  • Site visits and Quality Control Inspections

Service and Maintenance Planning:

  • Operational Plan Implementation
  • Maintenance Plan Implementation
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Air Quality Planning and Monitoring
  • Technical Maintenance
  • Equipment and Systems Operation
  • Mechanical Equipment & Systems Maintenance
  • Electrical Equipment & Systems Maintenance
  • Cleaning, Landscaping and Environmental
  • Water Treatment Services
  • Elevator and Escalator Maintenance planning
  • Architectural, Structural and Sustaining Maintenance


  • Comprehensive¬† Reporting and Facility Managers Executive Summary
  • Real-Time Transparent Reporting (see more with our online features)
  • 24 Access to Financial Records and Data
  • Maintenance / Work Order Reporting
  • Supplies and Inventory Reporting and Tracking

Citadel Property Management is a member of the International Facility Management Association, and are Certified as Facility Management Professionals by IFMA Empowering Facilities Managers Worldwide.

For more information or to obtain a facility management proposal for your NYC Property please fill in the form below:

Property Type
CommercialOffice BuildingEducationalMedicalWarehouseOther


Citadel Facilities Managment