Work Orders


Work Orders Notification

Please be advised: the work order notification page is not to be used for building emergencies. If you are having a building emergency please call the office at 646-654-0722 and press #9 to reach your Building Manager. If the work needed poses a danger or threat to fellow tenants or pedestrians Please treat it as a building emergency and follow the directions above.  If your emergency is related to fire, smoke, gas or any other hazardous substance please call 911 first then your building manager.

Please note: Not all requested work orders may be considered a building issue. If the work needed is determined to be a tenant issue we will advise as such.

Please fill out the Questionnaire below to report your request. Make sure to leave accurate contact information so we can gather more information and schedule work to be done in a timely manner. Also please describe in detail the nature of the work needed so we can ascertain how the work should be approached. Once your request is received we will be sure to contact you within 24-48 hours of receipt.


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