Average Home Seller Makes $57,500 On Sale

Anyone who’s been paying attention to the housing market over the past couple of years knows home prices have been increasing. That’s good news for homeowners who are thinking of selling their house and moving somewhere new. But just how good? Well, according to ATTOM Data Solution’s Q1 2019 Home Sales Report, homeowners who sold during the first quarter of the year saw an average price gain of $57,500 over what they originally paid for their home. That’s an average 31.5 percent return on their original purchase price. But though that’s a pretty good return, it is down from where it was at the end of last year, when the average gain was $60,000. Still homeowners who want to sell this year, can expect to get a good price for their property. That’s good news for potential sellers but it can also be good for buyers. After all, if more homeowners put their homes up for sale, it’ll boost inventory levels, which will help balance the market and give prospective buyers more choices. More here.

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