Understanding NYC’s New Climate Mobilization Act for Co-op and Condo Management

New York City’s Climate Mobilization Act (CMA) is a groundbreaking piece of legislation designed to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy efficiency in the city’s buildings. Condo Management and condo boards must understand and implement the requirements of the CMA to ensure compliance and avoid potential penalties.

Today, we will discuss the key components of the CMA, its implications for NYC co-op and condo boards, condo management, and how partnering with a professional property management company can help navigate these new regulations.

Implementing NYC’s New Climate Mobilization Act for Co-op and Condo Management¬†Boards

  1. Key Components of the Climate Mobilization Act

The CMA includes a series of laws aimed at reducing emissions and increasing sustainability in NYC buildings. The main components affecting co-op and condo boards include

Local Law 97: Requires buildings larger than 25,000 square feet to meet specific greenhouse gas emissions caps by 2024. Additionally, they must adhere to more stringent caps by 2030.

Local Law 92/94: Mandates the installation of solar panels, green roofs, or a combination of both on new buildings and certain existing buildings undergoing roof replacements.

Local Law 95: Requires buildings to display an energy efficiency grade near their public entrances, based on their Energy Star score.

Implications for Co-op and Condo Management Boards

Co-op and condo boards must take several steps to ensure compliance with the CMA:

  1. Assess your building’s current emissions: Determine your building’s current greenhouse gas emissions and identify opportunities for improvement.
  2. Develop a plan for compliance: Create a comprehensive plan for meeting emissions caps, including retrofitting, energy-efficient upgrades, Condo Management in New York or implementing renewable energy sources.
  3. Monitor and report progress: Regularly monitor your building’s emissions and submit required reports to the city demonstrate compliance.

Partnering with a Professional Property Management Company

Navigating the CMA’s requirements can be complex and challenging for co-op and condo boards. Partnering with a professional property management company can provide valuable support and expertise, including

  1. Expert guidance: Work with experienced professionals who understand the requirements of the CMA and can help develop a tailored plan for your building.
  2. Access to resources: Benefit from connections to qualified contractors, engineers, and other professionals. Who can help implement energy efficiency measures and ensure compliance.
  3. Ongoing support: Receive ongoing assistance with monitoring, reporting, and staying up-to-date. Any changes to the CMA or other relevant regulations.


Understanding and implementing the requirements of NYC’s Climate Mobilization Act is essential for co-op and condo boards. Ensure compliance and avoid penalties by assessing your building’s current emissions. Developing a plan for compliance, and partnering with a professional property management company. You can successfully navigate these new regulations and contribute to a more sustainable city. If you are looking for a property and condo management company in NYC contact Citadel Property Management Corp. Their team understands the unique challenges of urban living and is dedicated to providing exceptional service. Contact us today.

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