Buyer Traffic Up As Summer Showings Rise

The internet has made it easier for potential home buyers to get a feel for what homes are on the market and in their price range. But while looking at listings online is a helpful resource, nothing beats seeing a house in person. Scheduling a showing is typically the next step for buyers interested in a house for sale. It allows them to get a closer look at the home’s condition, its layout, and it’s potential. Showings are a great way for buyers to determine whether or not they want to make an offer on a house. They’re also a reliable gauge of how much buyer interest there currently is in the market. After all, the more scheduled showings, the more interested buyers. And according to one recent analysis, buyer interest – and showings – are up this summer. In fact, showing activity, as of July, was up in every region across the country. In the Midwest and Northeast, showings saw a more than 20 percent year-over-year gain, while the South saw an 8 percent increase and the West was up 5.5 percent. (source)

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