Fewer Buyers Look To Move Metros In 3rd Quarter

For a number of reasons, the coronavirus pandemic caused many Americans to rethink their living situation. Remote work and more time at home meant many of us began thinking about moving somewhere new, further from city centers where we could have more space for less money. But now, more than a year and a half later, the surging interest in moving metros looks like it’s starting to wane. In fact, according to newly released data, 30.2 percent of prospective buyers looked at homes in a new area during the third quarter. That’s down from 31.1 percent in the second quarter. It was the second-straight quarter interest in relocation dropped following a year’s worth of increases. But while it has begun to decline, it’s still higher than pre-pandemic numbers. And because flexible-work policies continue to give workers more options, it’s unlikely to fall back to where it was before the pandemic’s onset. So where are the most popular locations for buyers who are looking for a change? Well, the numbers show Miami, Phoenix, Sacramento, Las Vegas, and Tampa were the most popular areas for migrating Americans. (source)

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