Have You Ever Borrowed Sugar From Your Neighbor?

In the days before the industrial revolution, motorized vehicles, and grocery stores, people were much more likely to have to rely on one another to provide things that would otherwise be difficult to come by. That’s where the idea of borrowing a cup of sugar from your neighbor comes from. In short, there was a time neighbors really did sometimes have to borrow sugar from each other. These days, that’s obviously less common or necessary. But a new survey looks at just what being neighborly means in the modern world. The results show that about half of homeowners over the age of 25 say they’d be likely to ask their neighbor for help or to borrow something from them. So going to neighbors for help isn’t totally a thing of the past. However, a larger percentage of survey participants identified things like being friendly, quiet, keeping a clean yard and house, and being nice to pets as the characteristics of a good neighbor. Whatever your idea of a good neighbor is, though, it’s also important to remember to be as good a neighbor to yours as you’d have them be to you. More here.

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