Is Debt Holding Millennial Buyers Back?

These days, just about everyone has some debt. It’s almost more remarkable not to carry a balance of one type or another. In fact, a report last year found that 73 percent of consumers died with unpaid debts and, among them, the average owed was $62,000. That’s a lot. But accruing debt over a lifetime is different than starting one already in the hole. And, unfortunately, many young Americans today find themselves in that situation. For the most part, student loans are responsible for the money millennials owe, but credit cards and auto loans can also add to the mix. And, unsurprisingly, this is a factor when it comes time to decide whether or not to buy a house. But just how much debt are potential first-time home buyers facing? Well, according to a new study, in the top 10 cities where millennials owe the most, half of them have an outstanding balance of $25,000 or more, while about 25 percent of them owe more than $50,000. To what extent this has caused fewer young Americans to pursue homeownership, it’s hard to know. However, having some debt won’t necessarily prevent you from buying a house. And, since there are many financial factors at play, you won’t know for sure whether you might qualify for a home loan until you sit down with a mortgage professional and go over your numbers. More here.

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