Majority Of Markets Are Still Affordable For Buyers

After the housing crash, home prices and mortgage rates were low and the market was ripe for buyers. Americans who were in position to buy could be confident that they’d find a good deal. These days, things have changed. The market has largely rebounded and hopeful home shoppers have more concerns about affordability than they did even just a few years ago. Fortunately though, according to one recent report, most housing markets are still within reach. In fact, buyers earning the median income – which is typically quoted somewhere around $60,000 – can still afford a median-priced home in the majority of markets. Additionally, lower-middle class families are able to afford a median-priced home in 34 of the nation’s largest metros. And while it’s true that buying a home isn’t as affordable as it once was, most housing markets have simply returned to their historical average, rather than having inflated beyond what’s considered normal. In other words, despite the price recovery, the housing market remains a pretty good deal for buyers. More here.

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