More Mortgages Are Approved On Sunny Days

Before you can buy a home, you have to be approved to borrow the money. For the most part, whether or not you qualify for a mortgage will depend on your financial situation, income, amount of debt, credit history, etc. However, according to a new paper from the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, the weather could have an effect as well. Using data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the paper looked at more than 2,000 counties over 12 years and discovered sunny days led to a .80 percent bump in approvals for credit applications. On the flip side, overcast weather can result in approvals dropping by 1.41 percent. Though a seemingly small amount, those percentages can amount to big numbers when looked at nationwide. According to the paper, “A rough estimate of the extra credit approved on one perfectly sunny day relative to one fully overcast day is about $150 million nationwide or $91,000 per county-day.” Of course, this is no reason to think you can make a mess of your finances as long as you apply for a loan on a nice day. Having a steady income, good credit, and some money in the bank is still going to be your best path to obtaining financing and purchasing a home. More here.


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