Report Tracks Which Markets Face Pandemic Risks

The housing market has remained remarkably strong throughout the coronavirus pandemic. But while it rebounded quickly and has stayed hot since, the market still faces pandemic-related risks. That’s why ATTOM Data Solutions releases a report each quarter, tracking the pandemic’s effects and which markets are most threatened. Todd Teta, ATTOM’s chief product officer, says the risks aren’t immediate but are still worth watching. “It’s important to stress that this doesn’t mean that any one area faces imminent danger, especially given how well the housing market has avoided major problems during the pandemic,” Teta said. “Rather, some are more at risk than others.” Teta cites home prices, affordability, and the number of distressed properties as a few of the biggest vulnerabilities. And, according to the report, the most at-risk markets were found in the New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia metro areas, as well as in the state of Delaware. Among the least at-risk counties, Oregon led the list with six, with Texas close behind with five counties. Other metro areas that were counted among the least vulnerable included Denver, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Richmond, Nashville, Phoenix, and Charlotte. (source)

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