Suburbs And Storage Most Popular With Buyers

Every year, Americans are surveyed about the things they most want in their next home. And while some things change, like the preferred type of kitchen cabinetry or paint colors, there are other things that remain the same year after year. For example, the National Association of Home Builders recently surveyed nearly 4,000 home buyers who have either just purchased a house or plan to in the near future. They then ranked 175 features based on how important they are to buyers. Not surprisingly, the most popular features, once again, were storage related. Buyers want garage storage, walk-in pantries, and laundry rooms. Having a place to put things isn’t the most flashy home feature but it is a necessity. Which is why storage is a perennial favorite. Another favorite is energy-efficient features. In short, home buyers want a home that’s efficient enough to keep their utility bills low and spacious enough to keep their things neat and tidy. They also overwhelmingly want a house in the suburbs. In fact, 64 percent of survey participants said they’d prefer to buy in a suburban location, while 24 percent wanted something rural, and 11 percent wanted a place in the city. More here.

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