What Day Of The Week Should You List Your Home?

Selling a house comes with a long to-do list. You’ve got to get the house ready for showings, clear out the clutter, and fix any lingering maintenance issues you’ve been neglecting. You also have to think about the price you’d like to get for it and where you’re moving to, when, and how. In other words, there’s a lot to do and think about. Which is why you may’ve never considered which day of the week is the best to list your home. But, according to one new analysis, it makes a difference. In fact, homes that are listed on a Thursday sell faster on average and are more likely to sell above list price compared to homes listed on other days of the week. Homes listed on a Sunday, for example, were found to stay on the market eight days longer than those listed on Thursdays. Homes listed on Saturdays or Mondays took seven days longer to sell. It makes sense, if you think about it. Thursdays are when home buyers are likely beginning to think about their weekend and whether or not there are any available homes they’d like to tour. Which makes it the optimal day for sellers to get their home in front of the most home shoppers. (source)

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