Why You Need To Make A List Before Buying

There’s a lot to consider when shopping for a house to buy. Not only do you have to think about the type of home you’d like and what features and amenities you’d like it to have but you’ll also have to select a neighborhood that fits well with your lifestyle. In short, everything from the number of bedrooms a house has to how close it is to your friends and family will come into play. And, because there will be tradeoffs, it won’t always be that easy to choose. For example, you may have to decide between being close to the office and living farther away but in a better school district. Or you’ll want to live near recreation and entertainment options but have to choose between that and a place with extra space, privacy, and a big yard. The best way to focus in on what’s really most important to you is to make a wish list that breaks down your must haves, like-to haves, and not-important-at-all to haves. According to Freddie Mac, you’ll want to separate your list into four categories: Location, amenities, size, and condition. This way you can organize your house hunt in a way that takes everything into account, from the amount of storage to energy efficiency, necessary maintenance, flooring, and how far it is from your favorite restaurants. More here.

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