A Spacious Yard Tops More Buyer Wish Lists

What we want in a house doesn’t change all that much over time. Home buyers always want storage, a good kitchen, and enough bedrooms and bathrooms. But according to one new survey, there is a part of the house that has grown in importance over the past couple of years: back yards. In fact, nearly three quarters of Americans said a spacious yard would be at the top of their wish list if they were shopping for a house. So what has home buyers focused on outdoor space more than before? Well, the pandemic was part of it. Having more time to spend at home led us to spend more time in our yards. Among respondents, 24 percent said they’ve been spending more time in their yard than they did before the pandemic and a majority of survey respondents said they’ve enjoyed their yard more than before. Whether we’re using it for relaxation, gardening, dining, or even working, we’ve clearly learned to make better use of our outdoor spaces and it’s made the back yard a vital feature for today’s home buyer. (source)

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