Are Home Price Increases Beginning To Slow?

Home prices have been increasing for some time now. Largely this is because, in many markets, there are more interested buyers than there are homes available for sale. Inventory shortages can cause more competition for the homes that are for sale, which leads to spiking prices and decreasing affordability conditions. This, of course, has been a concern for potential home buyers. But, according to new research, there may be reason to believe that the rate at which home prices have been increasing is beginning to slow. For example, the most recent Home Price Index from Black Knight Financial shows the rate of monthly price appreciation declined one third from the month before in September. That was the sixth consecutive month of slowing growth. Also, half of the nation’s 20 largest states and 17 of the biggest metro areas saw home prices fall last month. If this trend continues, it could be encouraging news for home buyers hoping to buy a house this winter or those looking toward a spring home purchase. More here.


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