Condo vs Apartment: What’s the Difference? 

In the dynamic realm of New York City’s real estate market, navigating through the various housing options can become a daunting task. At first sight, the terms “condo” and “apartment” might seem to be the same, but there is a fine line that separates one from the other.Unraveling the intricacies of condo vs apartment is not just advisable but crucial for it affects your lifestyle in the years to come.

In this article, we plunge into the intricacies of condos and apartments, highlighting their differences, ownership structures, and lifestyle considerations, which are profound factors that need to be considered if you are planning to buy or rent out a property in this urban wonderland.

Decoding the Conundrum of Condos vs Apartments

Condos vs Apartments NYC

Condos vs Apartments NYC

For many people on the lookout for their dream home, a condo appears to be a natural choice. However, the vast real-estate market now presents them with yet another feasible option of apartments. 

It might be confusing, especially for newly shifted people, to understand these terms in the context of New York City. To help you wrap your head around the concept of condo vs apartment, we have compiled this article to help you make a decision best suited to your needs.

What are Apartments in NYC? 

In NYC Apartment is a blanket term for a co-op unit, condop, or rental unit inside a building wholly owned by a single landlord or a management company. When you say that you are living in an apartment, it simply means that you live in a separate residential unit while sharing the building with neighbours.

What are Condos in NYC? 

Condominiums, often known as condos, are residential entities nestled within large buildings or complexes. The salient feature that distinguishes them lies in their ownership structure. A condo is an apartment owned by a single person. Similarly, a condo building is a building in which all the units are owned by individuals holding deeds for their respective units.

Which Factors Differentiate a Condo From an Apartment in NYC? 

Apartment in NYC

Apartment in NYC

Since you already know that apartment is a blanket term. It’s easy to realise that a condo is just a specific kind of apartment. Condo vs apartment can be explained as all condos are apartments, but not all apartments are necessarily condos. While choosing a property in NYC, make sure to keep the following key factors in mind which differentiates the two from each other.

1. Ownership of the Property 

The apartment complex can be owned by an individual or a management company. The owner or management might rent all or some of the apartments.  

A Condo is a Residence privately owned by an individual. They have full control over this property. If they choose to rent it out, he or she would be responsible for all the applicant screening and finalising the rental terms and conditions.

2. Maintenance  Of the Property 

This factor will decide how easily your maintenance issues can be resolved. If you’re living in an apartment, you only have to contact its owner or the management company. They will be responsible for sending a professional to complete the job. 

In a condo, every individual is responsible for maintaining their own property. So, if you’ve rented out a condo, you’ll need to speak with its owner specifically. You might have to wait a bit longer to get things fixed.

3. Rental Policies & Legal Process

The administration of an apartment, including the rental policies, is handled by the property manager. Be it a leaky faucet or noisy neighbours, the owner or a manager appointed by the management company is responsible for looking into it.  

When discussing a condo vs apartment, a condo is considered the most flexible form of apartment ownership in NYC. This is so because there are usually very few restrictions on renting out your unit. However, the rules for common areas in a condo are established by HOA, which must be followed by both owners and tenants.  

4. Pricing Structure

Apartments typically have a standard fee structure. White renting an apartment, you will be asked to pay a security deposit including the first and last month’s rent. Some apartments could also charge you for keeping a pet, if any. Before you sign the lease, you could also be asked to submit an application fee.

When it comes to renting out a condo, the fee structure is dependent on the owner of the property. This does not mean that a condo will necessarily be costlier than an apartment. It depends on the facilities available in and around the housing structure as well. The unit’s location also plays a major role in determining the cost.

5. Impact on Lifestyle Choices

An apartment usually offers you amenities like free parking, swimming pools, gyms, parks, and community halls- all managed by the owner or the company. However, there could be some apartments that do not offer any of these amenities and lease their units at a lower price.

While living in a condo, it is possible that the building has all the above-listed amenities. The HOA manages all these amenities, and the condo owners must pay a maintenance cost for them. Condos in NYC often include lounges, outdoor rec areas, and pet services.  

Condo vs Apartment: The Quest To Find the Perfect Home in New York

Find the Perfect Home in New York

Find the Perfect Home in New York

New York City can become a haven for you if you land the perfect deal while searching for a house. For the people who plan to settle in the city for years to come. It’s best to invest your money in building home equity for a condo instead of throwing it away as rent. If you’re living here short-term and want to avoid the headaches of maintenance and lease terms, it’s best to rent an apartment. 

The debate of condo vs apartment can highlight several pros and cons for each option.  Nevertheless, your choice ultimately depends on your financial situation, long-term plans, and lifestyle. Citadel Property Management Corp. specialises in helping you navigate the real estate market of New York City. You can explore the wide range of real estate services on our website to find your dream home.


1. Are there any differences in condos and apartments in New York City?

Yes, there are major differences between condos and apartments in NYC. The term “apartment” is essentially an umbrella term for condos, coop, or rental units. These units in the apartment complex are all managed by a single owner or a management company. A condo is a type of apartment which is owned and maintained by the respective owner itself. 

2. What are the pros of a condo and an apartment in NYC?

A condo is best suited if you want to own a piece of real estate with the flexibility to remodel it as you wish. While renting a condo, a tenant can expect updated appliances and modern finishes since the owner has a vested interest in the property. Renting an apartment would offer flexible lease terms, easy payments, and freedom from maintaining it.

3. How can Citadel help me in selecting a property?

Citadel Property Management Corporation has provided a range of real estate services in the New York metropolitan area for years. We help our clients with property management and provide services in real estate and brokerage. We maintain owner and tenant portals, work order management, and provide all-time emergency services to ensure a hassle-free search for your dream home.

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