Climate A Factor When Considering A Move

There a lot of things to consider when thinking about making a move. How close you’ll be to family and friends, affordability, and the local job market are all important factors that play a role when choosing where we’d like to live. But, according to one recent survey, climate is also a factor for homeowners and renters considering a move. In fact, among renters it was the most important factor, ranking higher than both the job market and home prices. Homeowners, on the other hand, ranked it second behind proximity to family and friends. Interestingly, there were also differences when broken down by generation, with Gen-Z homeowners ranking it first, while millennial and Gen-X respondents put it behind both home prices and closeness to family and friends. Ultimately, though, there wasn’t a whole lot of separation between the various priorities offered to survey participants – which is an indication that, in a perfect world, we’d all choose to live somewhere with nice weather, good jobs, and affordable homes close to family, friends, and nature. (source)

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