Competition Climbs Among Buyers’ Worries

A new survey of home buyers found the number who say their main concern is competition has nearly doubled since last November, rising from 11 to 19 percent in just seven months. But despite how quickly competition has emerged among buyers’ worries, it still trails affordability – which topped the list at 26 percent. Still, a lower-than-usual number of homes available for sale and high buyer demand means competition is increasingly a problem for home shoppers – and especially those on a budget. A bidding war can put buyers in the position of having to decide whether to break their budget or lose their chosen house. And the issue is especially pronounced on the lower end of the market where many first-time home buyers are searching for a starter home and a way out of high rents. “Though enticed by high rents and low mortgage rates to begin a home search, first-time buyers face a number of obstacles in today’s competitive market,” said Nela Richardson, chief economist for Redfin, who conducted the survey. “In many cities, starter homes have seen the largest price increases because the supply of affordable homes on the market is so low and the demand for these homes is so high.” Fortunately, the spring and summer sales season usually entices more current homeowners to put their homes up for sale, which could provide buyers some needed relief in the coming months. More here.

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