Do Snowy States Have Higher Home Values?

Winter weather has already arrived in much of the country. That means snow, ice, and cold. But though that may not sound inviting to a lot of people, it doesn’t mean living in a colder climate is necessarily less expensive than it is to live where the weather is milder. In fact, according to one newly released study, median home values in the 14 states that got the most snow in December 2021 are, on average, nearly, $57,000 more expensive than median values in states that reported no snow. That may come as a surprise, especially when median home values in Hawaii are more than twice as high as they are in Alaska. But the study shows there’s a wide range of home values from state-to-state, no matter the climate. For example, Mississippi is a warm-weather state with a median home value of $145,600, while Washington, where it’s colder, has a median value of $485,700. (source)

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