Flood Risk A Consideration For More Buyers

You want to feel safe at home. Which is why it’s important to do some risk assessment when shopping for a house to buy. After all, thinking through some potential worst-case scenarios may help inform your decision-making process and avoid heartache down the road. Fortunately, today’s buyers have access to more information than ever before. And, according to one new analysis, it’s making them particularly aware of one specific risk more than the rest. In fact, the analysis found buyer behavior hasn’t been impacted that much from risks like fire, drought, extreme heat, and storms, but it has been affected by flooding. The data shows the rate of both mortgage denials and buyer withdrawals in areas with a high-flood risk have risen over the past five years. Down payments also tend to be smaller in these areas. But while flood risk may have buyers feeling more cautious, it hasn’t lessened their interest, as homes in areas with flood risk continue to appreciate faster than in other areas. (source)

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