Forecast Sees Sales Improve From Last Year

Each month, Fannie Mae’s Economic and Strategic Research Group releases a forecast detailing their expectations for the housing market and overall economy. In August, their outlook for single-family home sales was revised downward due to ongoing inventory and supply-chain issues. But while they now expect fewer homes to sell than they previously did, they still expect sales to improve from last year. In fact, they expect a 3.1 percent improvement from 2020. Mark Palim, Fannie Mae’s vice president and deputy chief economist, says home sales are being held back. “For the housing market, at current case levels, the lack of inventories of homes for sale and continued supply chain bottlenecks experienced by home builders remain the primary constraints on home purchase activity,” he said. Palim believes low mortgage rates can help balance inventory and affordability challenges, but until there are more homes for sale, their benefit to buyers will be limited. (source)

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