Homeownership Rate Rises Unexpectedly

For several years following its 2004 peak, the homeownership rate was falling. Fewer Americans were buying homes and, instead, more were choosing to rent. The reasons behind this were fairly obvious. The housing crash and financial crisis made buying a home difficult for younger Americans who were struggling to get on their feet and kept hesitant homeowners from putting their homes on the market due to lost value. The combined effect was that fewer Americans were in a position to buy and the very idea of homeownership as a wise financial decision was called into question. Since then, though, home prices have largely bounced back and a stronger job market has led to rising buyer demand. Because of this, the homeownership has now begun to inch back up. For example, the latest report from the U.S. Census Bureau shows the homeownership rate improved during the second quarter of this year and is nearly one percent higher than at the same time last year. Still, at 63.7 percent, the rate is comparatively low. At its peak, it was near 70 percent. More here.


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