How Long Do Buyers Spend Looking For A Home?

Choosing a home to buy is a pretty big decision. For the amount of money and time you’ll end up investing, it wouldn’t be smart to make it a hasty one. But depending on how competitive your market is, you also can’t spend too much time deliberating over a particular property. So what’s a normal amount of time to expect to be searching for the right home to buy? Well, according to new numbers from the National Association of Home Builders, 58 percent of buyers who were actively looking for a home to buy during the fourth quarter of last year said they’d been searching for three or more months. The reasons they said they’d been looking that long were fairly evenly split between those that were having trouble finding an affordable home and those that said they couldn’t find any homes that had their desired list of features. But buyers weren’t discouraged. In fact, the vast majority said they planned to continue looking in the neighborhoods they’d been searching, while 44 percent said they’d expand their search area to better their chances. More here.

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