Interstate Movers Find Savings Far From Home

In a challenging housing market, home buyers need to stay flexible. That means considering everything from buying a house that needs some work to buying a house in a neighborhood farther from home. These days, with prices and mortgage rates pushing buyers’ budgets, some shoppers have even weighed interstate moves. Of course, moving to another state is a big commitment and isn’t for everyone but one recent study found buyers who take the leap have found big savings after hitting the road. In fact, buyers who moved across state lines saved an average of $7,500 on the home they purchased. That’s up significantly from 2019, when interstate buyers only saw a savings of $2,800. So where are interstate movers most likely to go? Well, the study found cities in the South dominated the top five markets for out-of-state moves, with Charlotte, Raleigh, and Orlando all on the list. Affordable markets were also found in the Midwest and Northeast. (source)

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