Low Inventory May Benefit Spring Sellers

Spring is well known as the time of year when the housing market heats up. After waiting out the winter, home buyers return and begin hunting for a home to purchase. Naturally, the increasing number of interested buyers also makes spring a good time for homeowners who want to sell. And this year, home sellers may have even more reason to get ready for spring. According to a recent analysis from the National Association of Realtors’ consumer website, the number of homes available for sale remains historically low, and that could be a big benefit to spring sellers. After all, low inventory means more interested buyers per available listing. But market conditions aren’t fixed. For example, the number of listed homes typically increases almost 20 percent by mid-August. Along with the usual increase in listings, home builders are expected to ramp up construction this year, adding additional inventory to the housing stock. That means, later in the year, inventory may improve, giving buyers more choices and more negotiating power. That’s why homeowners who list this spring may be doing so at the best time this year to sell a home. (source)

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