Natural Disaster Report Ranks Housing Risk

RealtyTrac’s recently released 2015 U.S. Natural Disaster Housing Risk Report ranked 2,318 counties across the country based on their overall risk of suffering a natural disaster. The results found that – within the counties included in the analysis – 43 percent of the single-family homes and condos were at high or very high natural hazard risk. That’s 35.8 million homes with a combined estimated market value of $6.6 trillion. Daren Blomquist, RealtyTrac’s vice president, said prospective buyers should be aware of any natural disaster risk impacting a potential home purchase. “In most cases, learning about natural disaster risk will not stop a home sale, but it will help buyers make a better-informed decision about where to buy and also be prepared in terms of appropriate insurance coverage and family contingency plans depending on the type of natural disaster risks most affecting the home they end up purchasing,” Blomquist added. Not surprisingly, homes on the coasts received the highest risk rating, with California, New York, North Carolina, Florida, and New Jersey ranking in the top five. More here.

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