Rising Share Of Americans Say They Plan To Buy

Buying a house is not something we do very often. Studies show the average American only buys a home three times in their entire life. So it’d make sense that the share of Americans planning to buy at any given time would stay fairly consistent and relatively low. But new numbers from the National Association of Home Builders show buyer demand is actually rising, and quickly. The data – from the NAHB’s most recent Housing Trends Report – found the share of Americans planning to buy in the next 12 months is higher than it’s been in over two years. It’s also nearly twice what it was at the beginning of 2020. In fact, among surveyed adults, 17 percent said they’re planning to buy within the next year, which is a significant jump from 10 percent during the first quarter of 2020. But what’s driving the increases? Well, according to the report, it’s mostly younger Americans – with the biggest gains in buyer interest coming from millennials. (source)

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