The Top Spots For Buying A Second Home

Buying a second home is a common dream. Whether you want a place at your favorite vacation spot or a getaway close to home, it’s fun to imagine the possibilities. And, according to recent estimates from the National Association of Home Builders, millions of Americans are doing more than imagining them. There are 7.5 million houses that are being used as second homes across the country. That’s 5.6 percent of the nation’s housing stock. But where are the most popular locations for people looking to buy a second home? Well, not surprisingly, the counties that contain the largest share of second homes are mostly rural and scenic with low populations. Hamilton County, NY topped the list with 79.3 percent of homes classified as second residences. Forest County, PA, Rich County, UT, Alpine County, CA, and Daggett County, UT rounded out the five counties with the highest share of second homes. However, when you break down the data based on the number of second homes in any given county – rather than the percentage – the top 10 follows a less rugged path. In fact, warm weather counties near metro areas lead the list, which includes Maricopa County, AZ, Palm Beach County, FL, Lee County, FL, Los Angeles County, CA, Broward County, FL, and Riverside County, CA among the top 10. More here.


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