Today’s Movers Motivated By A Desire For Space

While the features we look for in a house often change from one season to the next, the reasons we decide to move in the first place remain fairly consistent. Things like marriage, starting a family, or wanting to be closer to loved ones and friends are common factors that might influence a move. But, in the wake of the coronavirus, there have been some changes. For example, according to one new analysis, the number one thing motivating people to move these days was a desire for more space. It seems spending more time at home has Americans reconsidering what’s important to them in a house. That would explain the current trend toward home offices, bigger yards, more privacy, and homes in suburban and rural areas. It’s obvious that the pandemic has had an influence on today’s buyers, what’s less obvious is whether or not these trends are here to stay. Only time will tell. But with an increasing number of businesses allowing their employees to work remotely, the popularity of bigger, suburban houses with a dedicated home office may not just be another passing fad. (source)

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