Top Projects To Boost Your Home’s Value

Home values aren’t just important to prospective buyers looking for something that fits their needs and budget. Current homeowners also have to think about what their home is worth, should they decide to sell their house or refinance their loan. The good news is that projects that raise your home’s worth are also going to be things that add to your quality of life while you’re still living there. In other words, whether you’ve just bought your first home or are a baby boomer looking to sell, the following projects will be good investments for both your house and your bottom line. According to a list from, the number one area to focus on is the kitchen. Kitchen remodels recoup the largest percentage of their cost, whether you redo the entire room or just replace the countertops or cabinets. Bathrooms are also popular with buyers and, like kitchens, a tasteful remodel can recoup most of its costs. Think about re-grouting, updating fixtures and handles, or just applying a new coat of paint. Energy-efficient windows and appliances are something else to consider. Energy efficiency is popular with buyers and can save you money on utilities in the meantime. Finally, spend some time outside. Refreshing your home’s exterior and landscaping can help with a good first impression and can be as simple as planting some flowers and repainting the front door. More here.


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