What New Homeowners Say They’d Do Differently

Buying a house is no small purchase. So you definitely don’t want to find yourself regretting your choice after you’ve signed the papers and settled in. But though we all know it’s an important decision and one to be taken seriously, a lot of new homeowners say they’d do things differently if they had the chance to go through the buying process all over again. This is especially true for younger buyers, according to a new survey from NerdWallet. In fact, outside of baby boomers, a majority of recent buyers said they had regrets. So what are the main things that recent buyers said they’d change if they could? Well, nearly 30 percent of participants said they’d save more money before beginning the buying process. This is likely true for a number of reasons. Among them, the most obvious is the down payment. Though you don’t need to have a 20 percent down payment, the less you invest upfront the more you’ll pay on a monthly basis. In other words, the more you save, the better. Respondents also said they’d have done more research before buying a house. Buyers said they wished they had learned more in advance about both getting a mortgage and the home buying process. More here.

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