What Would You Give Up For A Down Payment?

Saving money is hard. It takes discipline and means sacrificing some things. It’s also kind of a requirement, if you’re looking to buy a house any time soon. That’s because, you need to have a down payment, if you’re going to buy. So it’s only natural that potential home buyers might fantasize about being able to trade something they already have for a chunk of money to put down on a house. And, according to a recent survey, you might be surprised by what they’d give up in exchange for some no-strings attached money. For example, nearly 50 percent of respondents said they’d give up their dream car for a 10 percent down payment. Another popular answer was giving up eating out or taking a vacation for the next five years. Some participants were even willing to give up their right to vote or their driver’s license. Fortunately, or unfortunately, none of these things are really up for negotiation. Which means, if you’re going to buy a house, you’ll have to come up with your down payment the old fashioned way. More here.

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