Where Is Buying A House Most Affordable?

Everyone knows real estate is about location. If you’re looking to buy a house, the zip code you’re searching in will play a big role in determining the price of homes you find and the amount of competition you face from other home buyers. In short, conditions can vary widely from one neighborhood to the next. That’s why, though there are areas in the country where affordability is a concern and finding a home that fits your budget can be difficult, there are also areas where homes are still affordable to people making the median income. So where are the most affordable counties in the country? Well, according to new research from ATTOM Data Solutions, many of them are in the Midwest. For example, Wayne County (Detroit), Cuyahoga County (Cleveland), and Allegheny County (Pittsburgh) were all included among the areas still affordable to average wage earners. Other areas included on the most affordable list included Harris County (Houston), Philadelphia County, Mecklenburg County (NC), Fulton County (GA), Saint Louis County, Milwaukee County, and Marion County (IN). Not surprisingly, the most expensive counties were mostly located near major metropolises and on the West Coast. More here.

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