Where You Work Affects Where You Buy

Fantasizing is a big part of shopping for a home – whether you’re dreaming of a big kitchen, a beautiful backyard, or tons of storage space. Every home shopper has, if not a dream house, at the very least, some features they’re dreaming about having in their next home. And, according to one recent survey, there’s one feature that most of us share. That’s a quick commute to work or school. In fact, about 62 percent of home shoppers said their commute was extremely important when deciding where to buy. If you’ve ever sat in stand-still traffic after a long day at work, you know why. Spending time sitting in traffic when you’d prefer to be at home relaxing or enjoying time with your family can be frustrating. So it’s no surprise that buyers, renters, sellers, and owners all agree they want to spend no more than 30 minutes commuting to work. Some even said they’d go no further than 15 minutes. On the other end, just 12 percent said they’d consider driving 45 minutes to an hour and an equal amount said they wouldn’t mind driving an hour or more. (source)

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