Which Cities Have The Country’s Biggest Houses?

When looking for a house to buy, you aren’t necessarily always looking for the biggest house. After all, the size of the home you choose will be determined, in part, by things like the size of your family, storage needs, how many bathrooms and bedrooms, etc. Mostly, though, it’ll be determined by your budget. Because, when it comes down to it, we all would like a little more space. For that reason, a recent study looked at the largest 45 cities in the country and calculated the median home size and cost per square foot, in an effort to figure out which cities have the biggest homes and which give buyers the most space for the best price. The results show that the South has the biggest homes, with three of the top five cities located in Texas. In fact, Houston was the city with the largest median home size at 1,952 square feet, with Atlanta, Washington DC, Dallas, and Austin rounding out the top five. Southern cities also tend to have a lower price per square foot. For example, while Houston has the biggest homes, the median price per square foot was $100. By comparison, cities like San Francisco, Boston, and Denver have smaller homes but higher prices, mostly due to the fact that the housing stock in those areas is older. More here.

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