Which U.S. Metros Have Changed Most Over 10 Years?

Choosing a place to live involves many different factors. From the type of kitchen you want to the school district and the commute to work, there are a lot things to take into consideration. But there are also things that you can’t possibly know, like what your prospective neighborhood will look like in 10 years. A lot can change in a decade. For that reason, LendingTree recently analyzed a number of metropolitan areas in an effort to narrow down which are changing fastest in terms of home prices, crime rates, building permits, commute times, income, rent, etc. On a scale from 1 to 100, cities were ranked in terms of how much change they underwent in particular categories between 2006 and 2016. According to the results, the most rapidly changing U.S. cities are in Texas, with Austin, Dallas, and Houston filling the top three positions on the list. Home prices were the big mover in all three cases, with each city ranking in the top five among 50 cities. The least changed cities overall included Birmingham, Ala., Milwaukee, and New Orleans. Also among the results, the top five cities for percent of residents who moved into their homes since 2010 were Las Vegas, Phoenix, Austin, Orlando, and Denver. More here.

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