Who Is The Typical First-Time Home Buyer?

First-time home buyers are important to the health of the housing market. After all, historically, they’ve accounted for around 40 percent of total home sales. But who is the typical first time home buyer and what do they buy? Well, a recent study from Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, took a look at buyers over the past few years and broke down the profile of the average first timer. According to the study, the typical first-time home buyer is under the age of 35, married, and has children. Not surprisingly, the house they buy tends to be smaller and less expensive than those purchased by repeat buyers. According to the report, “43 percent of first-time buyers in 2017 purchased homes with less than 1,500 square feet of living space, compared with 27 percent of repeat buyers.” They generally buy a detached single-family home and pay less than $200,000 for it – just 12 percent pay $400,000 or more for their house. The report also points out the challenges ahead for younger buyers, specifically the lower-than-normal number of available homes in their price range and the need for more affordable housing options. More here.

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