Younger Buyers Lean On Parents For Help

From the time they’re born, children rely on their parents for support. Whether it’s help figuring out their math homework or how to ride a bike, children need their parents’ guidance to find their way in the world. And, according to a new survey of millennials, that parental help extends to the home buying process as well. In fact, survey results show that 37 percent of potential millennial home buyers said they regularly ask their parents for advice about buying a home and nearly half said their parents are helping them financially by contributing to their down payment fund, helping with closing costs, monthly mortgage payments, or co-signing their loan. The survey – which focused on millennials planning to buy their first home this year – asked for their perceptions of the buying process, their home buying plans, and how their feelings about homeownership were shaped by their past. For example, 47 percent of respondents said growing up during the financial crisis and housing crash has made them nervous to buy a house. Despite their misgivings, though, 68 percent said it’s a good time to buy, and just over half said they’re actively looking for a home to buy. (source)


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