Affordability A Concern Amid Excellent Conditions

Most of the economic indicators that were a concern just a few years ago have since turned positive. Fewer Americans are unemployed and an increasing number say they feel confident in their job and about their financial situation. In other words, following years of uncertainty, Americans are beginning to feel more economically comfortable. This should be good news for the housing market, as people who feel secure financially are more likely to want to buy a home. However, though buyer demand has increased, at the same time, there have been fewer homes on the market. Because of this, home prices have been rising. That causes concern for potential home buyers. Fortunately, however, though the latest S&P Case-Shiller Home Price Indices shows prices still climbing in most major markets, otherwise favorable conditions have helped soften the impact of higher prices. In addition, recent numbers show a positive trend in the new home market, which is crucial to slowing the rate at which prices increase. Combined, good conditions and more new homes could lead to a more balanced housing market in the next year. More here.

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