Where To Look To Eliminate Your Home’s Odors

Your sense of smell can be a peculiar thing. Odors that overwhelm some people, don’t affect others. And odors that you’re accustom to seem to disappear altogether after a while. So it’s no surprise that homeowners might worry that their home may be giving off an unpleasant scent. And, during the holidays, this becomes even more of a concern, as it’s a popular time of year to have houseguests. Fortunately, there are some fairly common places you can target to ensure that you’ve eliminated any odors that may be going undetected. One of the more obvious targets is pets. If you have animals in your home, make sure you clean their favorite places, pillows, beds, and blankets, etc. Basements and bedding are also common places for odors to linger. Mold and mildew can cause mustiness in basement areas but can also be detected by sight, which makes addressing it even easier. Be sure also to keep your bedding clean and your mattress fresh. Another obvious spot to check for odors is your refrigerator and freezer. Check that there’s no grime, grit, or leftovers lurking in the back that are emitting odors. Overall, paying some regular attention to these hot spots can help remove any worry about how your home smells to holiday houseguests or, if you’re selling your home, potential buyers. More here.

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