Are First-Time Home Buyers Ready To Buy?

Results from a recent survey conducted by Genworth Mortgage Insurance at the 2016 Mortgage Bankers Association Secondary Conference in New York found that the vast majority of mortgage professionals are expecting the number of first-time home buyers to grow in the near future. In fact, nearly 80 percent said the share of first timers active in the market will either continue at current levels or increase by at least three percentage points. That would be an encouraging sign for the housing market, as the percentage of first-time buyers has lagged in recent years. However, with affordability conditions still favorable in many markets and an increasing number of millennials reaching average home-buying age, industry insiders expect to see climbing demand among younger Americans. Rohit Gupta, Genworth’s president and CEO, said the mortgage industry has to be prepared to support these buyers. “To support this demand, we must stay true to the great strides we have made in improving underwriting quality, making private capital available, and expanding the availability of prudent and affordable low down payment mortgages,” Gupta said. “Under these circumstances, it is important that all industry participants continue to work to ensure we have an accessible, efficient, and innovative environment for new mortgage originations.” More here.

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