Housing Trends Improve In Nearly Every State

The residential real estate market’s rebound following the housing crash has been gradual, with month-over-month volatility sometimes masking the fact that things were getting better one small step at a time. Year-over-year results, on the other hand, have consistently revealed the slow upward grind of housing markets across the country. As proof of that, Freddie Mac’s most recent Multi-Indicator Market Index – which compares current conditions to long-term norms in each of the 50 states and the top 100 metropolitan areas – found that 88 percent of metros are showing an improving three-month trend. Additionally, 46 of 50 states are trending upward. Len Kiefer, Freddie Mac’s deputy chief economist, says the improvement has been consistent, if varied from region to region. “Nationally, MiMi in May registered 85, a 7.3 percent year-over-year increase and the 49th consecutive month of year-over-year increases,” Kiefer said. “Many of the Western markets continue to see strong home sales. However, it’s the Southern states where MiMi continues to register some of the strongest gains buoyed by an improving employment picture. For example, the majority of Southern states showed stronger employment growth than the national average and all of the eight markets in Florida that MiMi tracks are now back to their historic benchmark levels of housing activity.” More here.


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