How Handy Do You Consider Yourself?

Homeownership has many benefits. It also comes with a fair amount of responsibilities. Among them, maintenance is a big one. It’s up to you to keep your home in good shape, fix things when they break, and make sure mechanical systems are in working order. Of course, you can hire contractors to do the work, but finding good, affordable help can be challenging and the costs definitely add up. So when shopping for a home to buy, it’s also good to have an idea of how handy you are around the house. Being able to handle some home improvement and maintenance projects can help save you money. It can also help widen your options, as you may be more comfortable buying a house that needs a little love and attention. But first, you need to assess your skill level. According to one recent survey, 47 percent of Americans consider themselves handy. Fewer say they’re extremely handy, with 18 percent of respondents ranking their skill level on the higher end of the handiness scale. How handy do you consider yourself?


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