How Long Will The Housing Market Stay Hot?

Like any market, the housing market has its ups-and-downs. For the last several years, though, it’s consistently been on the rise with no sign of slowing down. That means, home buyers have increasingly been met with higher home prices and listings that sell more quickly with every passing month. On the other hand, homeowners who have recently sold a house have enjoyed all the benefits of a seller’s market. But for how long? One recent report says there are signs that prices may soon begin to moderate and surveyed Americans seem to agree. The research, from ValueInsured, shows consumers overwhelmingly feel now is a good time to sell a house but they are less sure about the future. In other words, there’s a feeling that prices may have peaked and things are going to begin to level off. And there’s evidence that’s already happening in a few areas of the country where the housing market rebounded more quickly than in others. However, like anything else, conditions can change from one neighborhood to the next and, while price increases may be starting to slow in one area, they may still be on the rise in another. More here.

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