How’s The Spring Market Looking So Far This Year?

Spring is the hottest time of year for home sales. It’s when buyers get active and the market ramps up. So how’s it looking so far this spring? Well, home buyers seem to be following typical seasonal patterns, with demand rising as we move toward summer. But while buyers seem to be returning, sellers may not be. In fact, the inventory of homes for sale continues to run low. According to one recent analysis, new listings are down 28 percent from where they were last year at the same time. That means many homeowners – who may have considered selling – have stayed on the sidelines so far this year. That’s led to upward pressure on prices. In April, for example, home prices rose 1 percent from the month before. The good news, though, is that’s a relatively normal price increase for this time of year. And after last year’s ups-and-downs, a return to normal this spring would be a positive sign. (source)

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