Selling Your House Means Becoming A Buyer

It’s somewhat natural to want to break up the housing market into buyers and sellers. You’re either a homeowner looking for a home buyer or on the hunt for a new place to call your own. But though that’s the way a lot of us think about the real estate market, the fact is, if you’re in the process of selling a house, you’re likely also in the process of looking for a house to buy. And that complicates the transaction a bit more than say a renter looking to become a first-time buyer. Why? Mostly, it’s due to timing. And, according to one recent survey, that’s especially true these days. Because the number of homes for sale is lower than normal in many markets, home sellers are concerned about being able to find a house to move into once they’ve sold theirs. So much so that 65.6 percent of surveyed real estate agents said it’s the greatest challenge for sellers in their market. So what should a home seller do? Well, fortunately, there are options – whether it’s a contingency worked into the sale contract or an arrangement to stay with family in the interim. Whatever the particulars of your situation, your prospects as a buyer are something to consider when deciding when to put your home on the market. More here.

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