Where Do We Move When We Move Out Of State?

The United States is a big country and offers just about every type of climate and lifestyle imaginable. From urban to suburban, beach to mountaintop, there’s a lot to choose from if you’re someone looking to pack it up and move away from home. But which state you dream of, when you dream of moving away, really depends on where you currently live, it turns out. New research breaks down which state’s residents most want to move out of state and which destinations are most popular based on where they live. For example, Vermonters are most likely to want to leave home, with just over 24 percent of the residents looking to move. Among them, 14 percent wanted to move to Florida. North Dakotans, on the other hand, want to move to Minnesota most. Overall, Texans were the least likely to say they’d like to move out of state and the South was the region most popular with out-of-state movers overall. Not surprisingly, Florida was the top destination for a lot of Americans. The state was the most popular place to move among residents of 18 of the 50 states. However, more often than not, if residents weren’t hoping to move to Florida, their choice for out-of-state destination was a state neighboring the one closest to their current home. More here.


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