Why An Easy Commute Should Be On Your Wish List

If you’re thinking of buying a home and are spending all of your time dreaming of the type of kitchen you want or how big you’d like your master suite to be, there may be a thing or two to add to your wish list before you start your search. For example, have you considered the importance of having a short commute to work each day? Almost 11 million Americans drive an hour or more to work each way and the average commute has been getting longer over the past several years. So, if you’re lucky enough to have never sat in traffic after a long day at the office and don’t know just how draining it can be, here’s something to think about: A recent survey found a short commute or proximity to public transportation ranked second among factors people used when determining where to live. That means, only an area’s crime rate was deemed more important. In other words, having a long commute to-and-from work can negate some of the benefits of finding a great house. After all, what good is having the perfect kitchen, if you’re always on the road instead of at home enjoying it? More here.

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