Young Americans Choose The City Over Suburbs

When choosing where you’d like to live, there are a number of factors that you have to weigh. For example, some people may value privacy over convenience while others may prefer proximity to family and friends over entertainment and recreation options. In short, it’s a personal choice. And a lot of times it comes down to whether you’d like to live in a city setting or the suburbs. This is a common debate and one that typically falls along demographic lines. In other words, where you are in life will determine where you want to live. More proof of this is found in a recent report detailing the preferences of millennials. According to the results, young Americans overwhelming choose metropolitan areas known for their hip neighborhoods and closeness to job opportunities. In fact, a look at the top 10 zip codes with the largest population of millennials shows that areas like Chicago’s West Loop, Boston’s North End, and Manhattan’s Financial District are overwhelmingly popular with a younger demographic. Other city neighborhoods that make the list include Capitol Hill in Denver, Mission Bay in San Francisco, and Dallas’ Arts District. More here.

Young Americans

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